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Gonzagas, who are we?

The spectacle we presented in the year of 2006 can be understood as an aesthetic research about the identity and subjectivity of the northeastern people facing the day to day needs and the search for oneself through the songs of Luiz Gonzaga and Luiz Gonzaga Junior (Gonzaguinha).


In “Gonzagas”, we catched a glimpse of the possibility to, in a spectacle built around the work of father and son, to approach the subject of the identity of northeastern men and women, who in their daily lives, alienate themselves – from their wants, aspirations and intimate desires – as means to satisfy their most imediate needs. We revisit, even though not deeply, the exodus – the walk of the “sem chuva” (people who abandon their small farms due to the lack of rain) – always hoping to return to their land.


Gonzaga, therefore, is every single Coral da UFC participant who throws him or herself at the bottomless pit of being human and, in free fall, finds out that being a person is all about singing, living, loving and being Gonzaga. As we become Gonzaga ourselves, we fall into the well of life without worrying about reaching it's  bottom. We refuse to believe in old certainties – the shallow well of preconceived thoughts – to go even deeper.


Let's all be Gonzaga together. Those of you who accept this invitation, can celebrate with us, in our hearts, our muse Dona Leilah Carvalho Costa.


We're many gonzagas. We're from Ceará. We're from the world. We're Coral da UFC. 





Gás Néon – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Elvis Matos


Um Homem Também Chora (Guerreiro Menino) – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Elvis Matos


Questão de Fé – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Erwin Schrader


Noites Brasileiras – Luiz Gonzaga / Zédantas

Arr. Carlos Hardy


Estrada de Canindé – Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira

Arr. Orlando Leite


Sabiá – Luiz Gonzaga / Zédantas

Arr. Tarcísio José de Lima


Deixa a Tanga Voar – Luiz Gonzaga / João Silva

Arr. Carlos Hardy


Vem Morena – Luiz Gonzaga / Zédantas

Arr. Daniel Sombra


Festa – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Carlos Hardy / Daniel Sombra


Baião – Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira

Arr. Carlos Hardy / Daniel Sombra


Morte do Vaqueiro – Luiz Gonzaga / Nelson Barbalho

Arr. Tom Junior


Asa Branca – Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira

Arr. José Gomes


De Volta ao Começo – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Laísse Mariano / Daniel Sombra


Assum Preto – Luiz Gonzaga / Humberto Teixeira

Arr. Erwin Schrader


Viver, Amar, Valeu – Gonzaguinha

Arr. NUCA*


Espere por Mim Morena – Gonzaguinha

Arr. NUCA*


Caminhos do Coração – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Carlos Hardy


A Volta da Asa Branca – Luiz Gonzaga / Zédantas

Arr. Márcio Mattos


Pout-pourri Gonzaguinha – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Elvis Matos


* Universidade Federal do Ceará Composing and arrangement core.



Technical Records 


Soprano: Alessandra Araújo, Ana Oliveira, Carol Mesquita, Elise Ferreira, Gisa Simões, Julia Miyasaki, Mílian Góes and Viviani Rodrigues.


Alto: Fabiane Machado, Iracema Pinho, Isabel Brito, Laísse Mariano, Luciana Castro, Manu Oliveira, Raquel Geller and Thatiane Paiva.


Tenor: Alexandre Havt, Alex Santos, Aurélio Simões, Daniel Sombra, Thómas Fernandes, João Baptista Filho, Taceano Nunes and Wallace Santana.


Bass: Carlos Hardy, Gerardo Júnior, Giseldo Júnior, Guilherme Gomes, Hilário Ferreira, João Paulo Lima, Laércio Carvalho, Tom Junior and Vinício Brígido.


Conduction: Erwin Schrader and Elvis Matos

Vocal Guidance: Gerardo Junior

Acting Training: Cláudio Ivo

Body Training: Thatiane Paiva

João Paulo Lima's Body Traning and Solo : Roberta Costa

Tap Dance: Heber Stalin

Lightning: Walter Façanha

Scenery Props: Erwin Schrader, Iracema Pinho and Mílian Góes.

Props execution: José Lino

Scenery: Aurélio Simões, Carol Mesquita, Erwin Schrader, Julia Miyasaki, Mílian Góes and Thómas Fernandes.

Costume: Aurélio Simões, João Baptista Filho, Lúcia Brazão and Mílian Góes.

Costume Execution: Miceli Góes

The Three Marias: Alessandra Araújo (Zabumba), Laísse Mariano (Sanfona) and Thatiane Paiva (Triângulo).

The Three Kids: João Paulo Lima, Thómas Fernandes and Vinício Brígido

Solos: Carol Mesquita, Daniel Sombra and João Paulo Lima (Dance).

Duo: Giseldo Júnior and Tom Junior.

Quarteo: Daniel Sombra, Isabel Brito, Mílian Góes and Tom Junior.

Sextet: Alessandra Araújo, Ana Oliveira, Carol Mesquita, Laísse Mariano, Mílian Góes and Thatiane Paiva.

Graphic Design: Alexandre Santos and Aurélio Simões.

Photos: Pedro Humberto, Ralf Streibl and Suyanne Costa.

Reception: Suyanne Costa and Val Rodrigues.

Interchange Production Rosina Popp and Ralf Streibl.

Executive Production: Alexandre Havt, Erwin Schrader, Raquel Geller and Viviani Rodrigues.

Direction: Erwin Schrader and Elvis Matos.


Special Thanks: Álvaro Brasil Neto, Angela Gutiérrez, Aspásia Mariana, Betânia Montenegro, Cláudio Ivo, Heber Stalin, Irmã Lucila Porto, Joana Núbia, Francisco Miranda, Paulo Caldas, Pedro Eymar, Pedro Humberto, Ralf Streibl, Renate Klempien-Hinrichs, Roberta Costa and Valéria Pinheiro.

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