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GERMANY - 2005


The Project Exchange Choir Brazil / Germany, Federal University Choir of Ceará, consisted of presentations of the show "Borandá Brazil", performances with German choirs, workshops and lectures on Brazilian music and choir activity in Brazil from May 12 to June 6, 2005 (26 days), in theaters, universities, cultural centers and community centers of German cities.


We visited cities and their German choir groups who hosted us, participating in the exchange program:

• Bremen - Franco-German Choir of the French Institute;

• Hamburg - Philharmonic Choir, Chamber Choir and Musica Viva Cantemus Kinderchorschule;

• Cologne - Coral Voices from Brazil, the Luso-Brazilian Institute at the University of Cologne;

• Neulingen - Büttner Reef localities of Rheinhausen, Pfaffenhofen, Elsenz and Nussbaum.





The project Exchange-Program Choir Brazil / Germany 2005 began with the debut of "Borandá Brazil" show in the theater Emiliano Queiroz - SESC / EC, in Fortaleza. Presentations were made in September 2004, continuing in October at Dragao do Mar Art and Culture Centre. The presentations were supported by the ‘Secretaria de Cultura’ of the State of Ceará.


After a short break, the group returned to activities in 2005 performing  "Certas Canções” (“Some Songs") in the Ideal Club of Fortaleza and two performances of the show "Borandá Brazil" in May, again at Dragao do Mar Centre and Culture.




In Bremen, the first city visited, the choir was received cordially by the Franco-German Choir at the Franco-German Institute. On May 15, the two choirs performed a recital at Friedenskirche (Church of Peace). The recital was opened by the host choir, and then the choir of UFC impressed the audience with classical music (among others Ceará songwriter Elvira Drumond songs) and Brazilian popular music.


The Borandá Brazil show was presented on May 17 at the Theater in Lebnizplatz, the Royal Shakespeare Company in Bremen.


In cooperation with the University of Bremen, the leaders Erwin Schrader and Elvis Matos,  vocal coach Mirella Cavalcante and percussionist According Castro gave a lecture on choir music in Brazil, Wednesday, May 18, for a small audience of musicians and conductors at the Institut Français Bremen.





The artistic program of the UFC Choir in Hamburg started with Borandá Brazil show on May 19, at Peter Petersen Gesamtschule. The evening was opened by the school’s choir and the theater had its full capacity. The next 


On Saturday, May 21, the Choir held a recital in partnership with the Children's Choir Cantemus in Trinitatis Church, in Hamburg. Attending the recital were journalists from Radio Mamaterra and Brasilien eV Magazine, who made audio recordings and a DVD.


Another recital, held on May 24, along with Musica Viva Choir, took place at St. Peter's Church, in Geesthacht, near Hamburg.





In Cologne, the choir was received by Brazil Voices group, composed of German and Brazilian singers, linked to the Luso-Brazilian Institute at the University of Cologne. The Borandá Brazil show was presented on May 27 at the university theater.


The next day, the leaders and the vocal coach of UFC Choir ministered a 4 hour workshop for German choirs’ singers, addressing practical exercises in body language, and integrated vocal expressions.




In this last part of the journey, the choir was hosted initially by choir members of Reinhausen Chapel. Together with this group, the UFC Choir attended the Sunday religious services, on May 31th in Reinhausen and June 5th in Karlsruhe - Knielingen. The repertoire performed was a mix between parts of Northeastern Mass and parts of the Mass in F by Anton Bruckner. In both Masses Prof. Mirella Cavalcante performed a solo part ‘Ave Maria’ Gounod, along with the official organist of the churches.


On 1 June, the choir was housed with other choir hosts in the villages of Pfaffenhofen, Elsenz and Nussbaum. There were performances in partnership with the choir hosts in each of these places and presentations of the Show Borandá Brazil with the opening of local choirs in June 3 in Elsenz, June 4, in Nussbaum and June 5 in Pfaffenhofen.


During the tour there were several informal presentations in public places. However, the mayor of the city of Bretten in recognition of the work of the UFC Choir granted special permission for the group to hold a public presentation at the Central Market Square.


In addition, the UFC Choir was received in an official ceremony by Mayor Raissle, at the town hall of Neulingen. At the time, were given commemorative plaques and a lecture to members of the group about the cultural history of the region.


The exchange program trip to Hamburg solidified relations between the Choir of UFC and the Children's Choir Cantemus School. Through the exhibition of videos about Ceará and meetings with school directors, a group formed exclusively by children, obtained an authorization, by their families, to conduct a tour of 15 days in the state of Ceará, Brazil in the period from 02 to 16 March 2006.






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