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The project "Exchange Program Brazil / Australia," the Federal University Choir of Ceará, consisted of presentations named "Borandá Brazil", performing together with German choirs, doing workshops and lectures on Brazilian music and choir activities in Brazil, from November 17th to December 19th, 2011 (32 days), in theaters, universities, cultural centers and community centers in different cities of Australia.

Visited cities and Australian choir groups who hosted us:


  • Melbourne – Choristry;

  • Adelaide – Coral da Universidade Findlers e Coral da Universidade de Adelaide (Flinders University Choir Society / Adelaide University Choir Society – AUCS);

  • Canberra – Coral da Universidade Nacional Australiana (The Australian National University Choir Society – SCUNA);

  • Sydney – Coral da Universidade de Sydney (Sydney University Musical Society – SUMS)





The project  ‘Exchange-Program Choir Brazil / Australia in 2011 began with the show's debut "Borandá Brazil" in the theater of Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture in November 2010. During the first half of 2011 the UFC Choir held their community presentations, conducting the second season performance named “Borandá Brazil ".


In the same period the group started the repertory of tests for the recital "Os Três Tempos do Homem” (The Three Stages of a Man). In the second semester, the group held presentations at different events and ended its activities in Fortaleza with presentations for the 3rd season of the show Borandá Brazil before embarking towards the Australian continent.




On the way to Australia, the group made a stopover in the city of Matão, which had a wide coverage in the written & TV media, mobilizing the population to attend the recital "The Three Stages of a Man" which was held at the N.S. Aparecida Church - (Bairro Alto) and the show "Borandá Brazil" held at the Amphitheatre Adriana Manzi, in commemoration of the 13th City´s week of Black Consciousness, promoted by the City Hall and City´s Mayor for the integration of the Black Community (Comucon).


In São Paulo, the UFC Choir was welcomed by the ‘Couro e Osso’ Choir Group, responsible for various theme shows, including the "Temporal" show, which was also held during the UFC Choir period of stay in the city.




The UFC Choir performed presentations of "Samba Cine Club" an activity which happens every month in the city to promote Brazilian culture. The group sang at the record store "Pure Pop Records" on the beach of St. Kilda, with the participation of Australian composers, musicians, and Rio de Janeiro groups.


Also in Melbourne, the group held a workshop for singers at the Melbourne High School.


Closing the program in Melbourne, the UFC Choir presented with success the show "Borandá Brazil" in the famous theater BMW Edge at Federation Square, to a very warm audience that enthusiastically applauded the scenic-musical performance group.




Next, the UFC Choir was welcomed by the University of Adelaide Choir (AUCS), and the Choir Findlers University, both in the city of Adelaide.


The Show ‘Borandá Brazil’ was presented at the cultural space "Rumours Café" located at the Union House of Adelaide University, to an audience of Brazilian and Australian university students.


The repercussion of the show earned a presentation for a selected audience, at Mrs. Heloisa McMillan´s home, Consultant for Cultural Affairs of the Brazilian community in Adelaide.


The UFC Choir still held a workshop for music students and choirs from the University of Adelaide, addressing questions about the assembly process of the UFC Choir performances, as well as information on the Brazilian music culture.




In the city of Canberra, the UFC Choir presented a Christmas concert at the city's Botanical Gardens together with the Choir of the University of Canberra (Scuna).


The rehearsals happened at the University of Canberra and the concert entitled Carol's in the Gardens, featured a large audience, with the presence of Brazilian Ambassador to Australia, Mr. Rubens Barbosa Fonseca.




The UFC Choir was welcomed by the University of Sydney, which hosted a presentation of "Borandá Brazil" show in the theater Tom Mann and the recital "The Three Stages of a Man" at the central city community of Sydney, in the Christian Church St . Laurence.


The great repercussion of UFC Choir presence in Australia's biggest city earned the group an interview on national television, and the SBS Radio.

Ending the tour in Australia, the leaders of the group, Prof.Dr. Erwin Schrader, Prof. Dr. Gerardo Viana Junior and Prof. Dr. Elvis Matos uttered lectures on Brazilian choir music for young singers and music students from the city of Sydney.


The UFC Choir became the first group of choirs which conducted an exchange program  in Australia. The impact of the trip had a positive experience since it expanded the perception to the Australian people of the choir work done by Brazilians, and resulted on an official first visit on January 2014, to Brazil, Fortaleza, of an Australian choir:  the University of Adelaide Choir.



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