When we decided to go back to Borandá, we had a rerun in mind, but it didn't go exactly as we had planned. When we were rehearsing, trying to do the same interpretation of the musicality of our country we did 6 years earlier, some contradictions of the first season became clearer and it ended up being a whole new spectacle, because there were new singers who became part of the choir after our walk through brazil, in 2005, who contributed.


This version of Borandá, therefore, has the influence of new people and of the two spectacles that happened between 2005 and 2011. The seed idea of Gonzagas, for instance, was already in the first Borandá and it still is. Gonzagão e Gonzaguinha were and still are important links in this walk that is Borandá e and they were deeply explored in “Gonzagas”. The magic of “Abraços” and the verticality of it's motion gave us new ground for a renewed walk. Here, again, there's renewed faith and intense investment in our expressive capabilities. The will to show through songs who we are, where we come from and where we wanna get is strong.


Coral da UFC, extension project of a public university that, in 2005, the same year of the first Borandá, created it's first music graduation course and in 2010, the third, now celebrates this and many other advances of our time and our sound. The contradictions build our hope of being ourselves. We're our simple magic. We're our greetings and goodbyes. 





Chegança – Edu Lobo / Oduvaldo Viana Filho

Arr. Elvis Matos


Tropicália – Caetano Veloso

Arr. Marcos Leite


Cunhataiporã – Geraldo Espíndola

Arr. Samuel Kerr


Cara de Índio – Djavan

Arr. Elvis Matos


Jogo de Angola – Mauro Duarte / Paulo Cesar Pinheiro

Arr. Erwin Schrader


Candeeiro Encantado – Lenine / Paulo Cesar Pinheiro

Arr. Daniel Sombra


Cocada – Rita Ribeiro

Arr. Daniel Sombra


Xaxado– Luiz Gonzaga / Hervê Cordovil

Arr. José Gomes


Boreandá – Edu Lobo

Arr. Elvis Matos


Procissão da Chuva – Cacilda Borges Barbosa / Wilson Rodrigues


Sonora Garoa – Paçoca

Arr. Elvis Matos


Pecado Capital – Paulinho da Viola

Arr. Elvis Matos


Construção – Chico Buarque

Arr. Liliana Cangiano


Fantasia – Chico Buarque


Canta, Canta Mais – Tom Jobim

Arr. Elvis Matos


Redescobrir – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Erwin Schrader


É – Gonzaguinha

Arr. Tarcísio Jose de Lima


Incidental track – Aquarela do Brasil – Ary Barroso



Technical Records 


Soprano - Carla Rebecca, Gisa Simões, Isabel Silvino, Ivana Vieira, Jéssica Poliana, Juliana Landahl, Lia Freitas, Melissa Leão and Mílian Goes


Alto - Alecéia Costa, Graça Viana, Joyce Custódio, Laisse Mariano, Lise Lopes, Luana Pires, Gleiciane Oliveira and Mayara Setúbal


Tenor - Alexandre Santos, Aurélio Simões, Daniel Sombra, Eduardo Taveira, Marcelo Mateus, Márcio Gurgel, Taceano Nunes and Thómas Fernandes


Bass - Carlos Filho, Deyves Morais, Erlyson Ferreira, Gerardo Junior, Giseldo Júnior, Jota Nogueira, Onofre Paiva and Plínio Renan


Direction and Conduction - Erwin Schrader and Elvis Matos

Assitent Direction - Juliana Rangel

Executive Production - Erwin Schrader, Isabel Silvino, Luana Pires, Thómas Fernandes, Alexandre Santos and Mílian Goes

Vocal Guidance- Gerardo Junior and Tom Junior

Body-Voice Lab - Juliana Rangel

Acting training e Body Perception - Cláudio Ivo, Joyce Custódio, Heber Stalin and Thatiane Paiva

Magic Consultant - Marcos Queiroz and Mágico Goldini

Lightning - Walter Façanha

Sound Design - Daniel Sombra and Luana Pires

Scenery - Aurélio Simões and Milian Goes

Costume Research - Aurélio Simões, Márcio Gurgel, Mílian Goes and Plínio Renan

Costume - Plínio Renan

Costume Execution - Mônica Freitas

Scenery Props - o grupo

Carpentry - José Lino.

Characters - Eduardo Taveira (Magician) and Laisse Mariano (Clown)

Guitar - Deyves Morais

Flute - Taceano Nunes

Triangle - Graça Viana

Box - Jessica Poliana

Agogô - Jota Nogueira

Drum e Egg Shaker - Joyce Custódio

Triangle, Rattle and Tambourine - Laisse Mariano

Cavaquinho, Djembê, Bass Drum e Box - Lise Lopes

Tambourine (Pandeiro) - Luana Pires

Rainstick - Márcio Gurgel

Bass Drum and Rainstick - Thómas Fernandes

Solos - Aurélio Simões, Daniel Sombra and Gleiciane Oliveira

Quartet - Giseldo Junior, Márcio Gurgel, Lia Freitas and Luana Pires

Sextet - Carla Rebecca, Gisa Simões, Jessica Poliana, Joyce Custódio, Juliana Landahl and Laisse Mariano

Decateto - Alecéia Costa, Carla Rebecca, Carlos Filho, Daniel Sombra, Isabel Silvino, Jota Nogueira, Lise Lopes, Mayara Setúbal, Milian Goes and Thómas Fernandes

Graphic Design - Alexandre Santos

Photo - Alexandre Santos, Giseldo Junior and Henrique Torres

Film Crew (50 years Coral da UFC Documentary) - Valdo Siqueira, J. Neto, Tatiana Fortes, Aldir Moraes, Thiago Daniel, Luciana Gomes, Luciana Gomes, Thiago Nascimento, Gabriel Silva, Rodrigo Pinto, Frota Neto and Carlito Almeida