NÓS E O MAR (Ourselves and the Sea)




At the point we presented this brief, daring and eager synthesis of a year of rehearsals and presentations, we had the pleasure to, once again in the UFC theatre, which is a public university space, meaning it belongs to us all, board in a sound-poetic daydream: the musicity of the words was our goal.


We saw the words as musical action, not yet fully theatral, it was a poetic spectacle. The sea was our motto. Our sacred relationship with the dangers and deepness of these waters was represented in music, words and gestures. Singing, we sought to dive in mare nostrum: the unconscious collectiveness that brings us all together.


This binding brought us to Alfonsina Storni, who threw herself at sea to find rest. This same binding holds Caymmi, our sea troubadour, who gets together with plenty others anonymous troubadours to be part of this sea of poetry that is Brazil.


From the sea, we were given portuguese and africans. From the sea we took fish and salt. Singing sea inspired songs, we thanked it for it's generosity. On the moon's high tide we were indian, black and white offerings. We were the fish and we're the salt. It was “Nós e o Mar”.





Cais – Milton Nascimento / Fernando Brant

Arr. Erwin Schrader


Peguei um “Ita” no norte – Dorival Caymmi

Arr. Elvis Matos


Adeus da esposa (Suíte dos pescadores) – Dorival Caymmi

Arr. Erwin Schrader


Corsário – João Bosco / Aldir Blanc

Arr. André Vidal


Anabela – Mário Gil / Paulo César Pinheiro

Arr. Simone Souza


Maré do reencontro (solo) – Fernando Rosa / Francélio Figueredo


Gandaia das ondas – Lenine

Arr. Daniel Sombra


Conto de Areia – Romildo S. Bastos / Toninho

Arr. the staff


Lenda das sereias rainhas do mar – Vicente / Dionel / Veloso

Arr. the staff


Pescador – Sérgio Cassiano

Arr. the staff


Estrela do mar – Marino Pinto / Paulo Soledade

Arr. Samuel Kerr


Marcha da baleia – Péricles Cavalcanti

Arr. Samuel Kerr


A ostra e o vento (dueto) – Chico Buarque


Mulher de cada porto – Edu Lobo / Chico Buarque

Arr. Elvis Matos


Sol negro – Caetano Veloso

Arr. André Vidal


Alfonsina y el mar – Ariel Ramirez / Felix Luna

Arr. Hugo de La Vega


Beira-mar – Tema Folclórico do Vale do Jequitinhonha

Arr. Erwin Schrader



Technical Records 


Soprano: Agnes Cavalcante, Alessandra Araújo, Cristina Melo, Joyce Malkomes, Joyce Moreira, Lícia Abheeka, Marisol Albano, Regilene Lima and Zenilda Costa.


Alto: Cecília Aguiar, Christiane Gomtos, Drica Montenegro, Fabiane Machado, Isabel Brito, Laisse Mariano, Lúcia Brazão, Mário Vasconcelos, Nágela Rapôso and Thatiane Paiva.


Tenor: Alexandre Santos, Daniel Sombra, Fernando Rosa, Raphael Augusto, Taceano Nunes, Vicente de Paula and Wesley Martins.


Bass: Brenner Marques, Giseldo Junior, Guilherme Gomes, João Paulo Lima, Paulo César Linhares, Wallace Santana and Washington Duarte.


Conduction: Erwin Schrader

Vocal Guidance: Luís Carlos Prata

Lightning: Álvaro Brasil Neto

Adereços: Fátima Santos

Scenery Props and Constume: the staff

Graphic Design: Alexandre Santos

Texts: Dorival Caymmi, Alfonsina Storni and Fernando Pessoa

Photos: Pedro Humberto

Assistant Direction: Elvis Matos

Direction: Erwin Schrader


Special Thanks: Bethânia Montenegro, Francisco Castro, Edílson Soares and Pedro Humberto.