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A VIDA É SÓ PRA CANTAR (Life is All About Singing)




The year was 1982. In this very same theatre, Izaíra Silvino directed “Porque o canto existe” (Why There Is Singing), a choir spectacle that announced stage posture changes in both the choirmaster and the singers. As the university's motto states “O Universal Pelo Regional” (Something along the words: making universal all things that are regional), we sang, at that point, a northeastern repertoir in a brazilian choir spectacle.


Driven by the desire of a democratic opening, the young people who were part of “Coral da UFC” in a moment when a movement that would later be known as “coral cênico” (scenic choir) was emerging (even though all choirs are scenic), would move mountains of sound in the hope of better times, politically and socially speaking.

20 years had gone by and, at least in Fortaleza, choirs would rarely move on stage. The colective singing was contaminated by dispair and dismantled. A hopelessness in collective actions took place and some people would take credit for what could've been shared.

However, to renew our collective vows, Coral da UFC went on and insisted in making a brazilian spectacle, with brazilian music, focusing on dreams and nightmares of our daily lives without restraints. Here we stood, together, reminding ourselves that: life is movement, life is in motion and “A VIDA É SÓ PRA CANTAR”!





Um girassol da cor do seu cabelo – Lô Borges/Márcio Borges

Arr. Elvis Matos


As diversas faces da música – Josete Jail/Luis Carlos Prata

Madalena – Ivan Lins/Ronaldo M. de Souza

Arr. André Vidal


Pot-pourri rock mulher (Sopranos)

Arr. the staff


Gatinha manhosa – Roberto Carlos/Erasmo Carlos

Arr. Marcos Leite


Canário do reino (Contraltos) – Carvalho/Zapata

Arr. the staff


Família – Arnaldo Antunes/Tony Bellotto

Arr. André Vidal


Cálice – Chico Buarque/Gilberto Gil

Arr. André Vidal


O dia em que faremos contato (Baixos) – Lenine/Bráulio Tavares

Arr. the staff


Prelúdio (Tenores) – Raul Seixas

Arr. the staff


Corsário – João Bosco/Aldir Blanc

Arr. André Vidal


Anunciação – Alceu Valença

Arr. André Vidal


A vida é só pra cantar – C. François/Subway/Gysbi/T. Greef/E. Gómez/T. da Vila

Arr. Erwin Schrader


O sol nascerá – Cartola

Arr. Elvis Matos



Technical Records 


Soprano: Agnes Cavalcante, Alessandra Araújo, Cristina Melo, Lia Venturieri, Márcia Matos, Marisol Albano, Minéia Pena, Regilene Lima and Zenilda Costa.

Alto: Christiane Gomes, Cristina Nogueira, Drica Montenegro, Fabiane Machado, Isabel Brito, Laisse de Carvalho, Rosa Ângela Moura and Thatiane Paiva.
Tenor: Daniel Sombra, Enéias Pena, Fernando Rosa, Igor Chaves, Vicente de Paula and Washington Menezes.
Bass: Brenner Marques, Daniel Gomes, Giseldo Junior, Guilherme Gomes, Paulo César Linhares and Simplício Filho.
Conduction: Erwin Schrader

Vocal Guidance: Luís Carlos Prata

Lightning: Álvaro Brasil Neto

Scenery Props: Lia Venturieri

Costume: the staff

Poems: Florbela Espanca, Cecília Meireles, Natália Correa and Washington Menezes

Photos: Pedro Humberto

Assistant Direction: Elvis Matos

Direction: Erwin Schrader


Thanks: Betânia Montenegro, Francisco Castro, Edílson Soares, Elvis Matos, Geraldo Jesuíno, Joca Andrade and Pedro Humberto.

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